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Not Receiving Course Email Invitation

Email Invitation Troubleshooting

If you think you should have received a course invitation email from the Virginia Cyber Range but have not, please take the following troubleshooting steps.

  1. Check your spam and trash folder for an email from

  2. Verify your email address with your instructor to make sure he or she is using the address you are expecting and that there wasn’t a typographical error in the address.

  3. If you are using an email address associated with your school, contact your school’s IT representatives (or have your instructor do so) to be sure they are not blocking emails from MailGun or from the Cyber Range domain. (Some schools are very aggressive with email filtering.)

  4. Some schools and/or entire school districts have been known to block email originating outside of the school domain for student accounts. If you believe this is the case for your school, we recommend using an invitation code when inviting students to join the Virginia Cyber Range. Please see Inviting Users to Your Course to learn more about inviting students with invitation codes.

Note: Invitation Codes

Invitation codes are a great way to get around your school blocking invitation emails from reaching student accounts. While invitation emails come from the Virginia Cyber Range domain, invitation codes can be generated and distributed by the instructor.

Instructors can resend course invitations from the ‘People’ page in their course menu. If you think that you may have accidentally deleted the invitation, ask your instructor to resend it.

Troubleshooting Invites to Students and TAs

Below is a screenshot of the members view for a course. Members who have been invited and who have successfully logged in to their account will have a corresponding login icon under the "Login With" column (example boxed in red). Members who have not accepted their invitation will show their original invite date under the "Pending Since" column (example boxed in blue).

Highlights the Google login icon under the login with column

Note: The date under "Pending Since" will only show the first invite sent if multiple invites have been initiated.

Contact Support

Instructors: If you need your invitation resent, or if your students are unable to receive invitations after following the above steps, please Submit a Support Ticket.