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Error Message "Connection Error Box" or 15 Second Countdown Timer Logging in to Exercise Instance

If you go to “Join” or log in to your range exercise cloud instance and get a black screen with a “connection error box” pop up message or a countdown timer, this means that your exercise cloud instance was not ready for you to log in yet.

  1. If you are getting a 15 second countdown, first just wait for it to time out. Sometimes the range simply attempts to connect too quickly.

  2. If it continues to count down and time out, then make sure exercise is started by

    • navigating back to the course page,

    • hitting CTRL-SHIFT-R to do a forced refresh,

    • clicking start and/or join again

  3. Wait for the next connection attempt to succeed (up to three times)

If it fails out after 3 retries, please Submit a Support Ticket. Please indicate the course, exercise, and user who is running into this error.