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Intro to Customizing & Copying Exercise Environment Images

As an instructor, you can customize your exercise environment to fit your class’s needs. This means, after selecting the exercise environment of your choice, you can play around in the environment and set it up however you want your class to see it.

The copy feature is available for all exercise environments in the Exercise Area of the Cyber Range. It allows an instructor to save a particular state of a VM for future use. Once a VM has been customized and copied, it will appear in the exercise catalog where instructors can then provision the newly customized VM to students.


Please keep in mind that instructors can only make a copy of their own virtual machine. If a student has customized their virtual machine and you would like to make a copy, please Submit a Support Ticket and we will help get that environment copied for you.

To customize an exercise environment, instructors should enter the exercise environment and set it up as they wish (such as creating folder structures, uploading files, or installing custom software). Before creating a copy of the environment, instructors should carefully read over the knowledge base article titled Avoiding Common Issues with Copying Exercise Environment Images.

Once instructors are done setting up the exercise, they should exit the environment, stop it, and press the “Copy” button. This action is shown below, from the course menu to the exercise menu.

The Add Exercise Environment feature can be accessed by activating the Add Exercise Environment button on the top right of the course page

(Course Menu View)

The Copy feature is accessed by selecting the Copy button located next to a team. "Once an instructor exits and stops an exercise, they can Copy a snapshot of their progress and use that point as the starting point for their next class".

(Exercise View)

Once a customized exercise is copied, it will appear under the exercise environment options that an instructor can choose for a specific class exercise. To create a customized exercise, go back to the course menu and create a new exercise, and choose the copied environment.

When creating a new exercise environment, saved custom exercise environments appear at the beginning of the list

Once you find your copied environment and choose it, it will create a new exercise within your course.

When to use the Copy Feature

  • If you need to create a virtual machine that contains multiple CTF challenges or artifacts
  • If you would like to save changes that have been made to system or network settings
  • If you would like to create custom exercises for your students

How do I delete a Copied Environment from the Exercise Catalog?

If a copied environment has been provisioned to students, you can remove the exercise just like any other virtual machine, but the environment will continue to exist within the exercise catalog list.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our support team.