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Multiple Choice Challenges


This article will focus on creating Multiple Choice Challenges and how to use them. If you wish to learn more about Challenge Management, please see our article titled Cloud CTF Challenge Management.

Adding a Multiple Choice Challenge

  1. To add a multiple choice challenge, begin by navigating to your Cloud CTF competition. In the top right, hit the plus icon to add a challenge. You can choose either a premade challenge from the Challenge Library or create a challenge from scratch. For this example, we will be creating a Multiple Choice Challenge from scratch.

    The "Add a Challenge" button is in the shape of a plus icon in the top right of the page.

  2. Next, you will be presented with a form to create your challenge. You will see options to edit the name, description, point values, and a plethora of other options to customize. For multiple choice challenges, select the Multiple choice flags: Add a Choice button towards the bottom of the form.

    The "Multiple choice flags: Add a Choice" button is located below the "Text flag: Add a flag" button towards the bottom of the form.

  3. At this point, you can create your own answers for the challenge. You can mark the correct answer by checking the "correct" box next to the correct answer choice. You can add additional answer choices by selecting the Add a Choice button in the bottom left.

  4. Once you've filled out the form and you are satisfied with your question, select the Confirm button in the bottom right of the form. At this point, the question has been created and is available for your students to attempt. When your students attempt the question, it will look something like this:

    Example challenge showing the student view of the question.

Have a Question? Contact Support

If you experience any issues starting or viewing Cloud CTF in your web browser, please see the article titled Can't Launch Cloud CTF for helpful tips on resolving the matter.

We're here to help you. If you still have questions after reviewing the information above, please feel free to submit a ticket with our Support Team and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.