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Scoreboard Page

This article details the display on the scoreboard page. For more information on other CloudCTF pages, check out the Challenges Page and Team Page.

On the "Scoreboard Page", you can view overall standings and scores of the competition. This page allows players to track their competitors and their own progress throughout the CTF.

The scoreboard page allows you to view scores of the competition and track the progress of other competitors. This image shows an example of such a page.

Scoring Graph

The scoring graph displays teams' progress throughout the competition. Each team is represented with a uniquely colored line and dots denote when a challenge was completed. View the key, at the bottom of the graph, to match a team to it's colored line. Use the arrows to scroll through the key and view more teams, if needed.


The rankings table provides a complete standings of the competition. Beginning with the current first place at the top, teams are ranked by their current scores.

What's Next?

Once you understand how to use the pages of CloudCTF, you are ready to solve challenges. See How to Solve a Challenge for more.

If you experience any issues starting or viewing CloudCTF in your web browser, please refer to our CloudCTF Troubleshooting Article for helpful tips on resolving the matter.

If you are unable to resolve the issue, please reach out to our Support Team for assistance.