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Inviting Users to Your Course

This article will detail the process for inviting students. The steps outlined in this guide can be followed by instructors or TAs. If you would like your students to remain anonymous in the exercise environment, we recommend using invitation codes to invite users. For more information on maintaining student privacy, please checkout our article on student privacy protection.

  1. Click on the course to which you would like to add users. Your courses are listed as cards under the header "Courses".

  2. Click the "Manage course users" button located in the upper right corner. The "Manage Course Users" button is located to the right of the "Add exercise environment" button.

From here, you can add users in one of three ways:

  • Send them an email invitation.

  • Create an invitation code which allows TAs and students to join your course by using the "Have an invitation code?" login option.

    • This is a great option if your users cannot receive the email invitation due to school filter settings for student email accounts.
  • Import students from a Google Classroom

Inviting Users via Mail Invitation

  1. Click on "Invite a user to this course" button located in the upper right corner. The "Invite a User" button is between the "Manage invitation code" and "Add new team" buttons.

  2. You can enter each user's name and email individually or invite multiple users at once by uploading a CSV file. Invite a User form. A name and email can be provided to invite individual users. The role of student or TA should be selected in the "Roles" section. Invite Multiple Users link on form can be used to upload a csv file of multiple students.

Inviting Users with an Invitation Code

  1. Click the "Manage student invitation code for this course" button located in the upper right corner. The invitation code button is located to the left of the "Invite a User" button.
  2. Click "CREATE AN INVITATION CODE" button.
    • Once you have created an invitation code, you can share it with your class so they can sign up for your course. To assist your students, our guide for joining a course can be found on this page: For Students: How to Join A Course.


Invitation codes are only valid for seven days. Please create a new invitation code if your invitation code expires.

Importing Users From a Google Classroom

  1. Click the "Invite a User to this course" icon, and then select "INVITE MULIPLTE USERS..." in the bottom left hand corner.
    The "Invite a User" button is between the "Manage invitation code" and "Add new team" buttons.

  2. Select "From Google Classroom" in the dropdown menu.

  3. You will then need to log into your Google account by clicking on "Sign in with Google". Please keep in mind that the Google account you choose to login with must be associated with a Google Classroom account that contains the students in your school or organization. If an account that is not associated with Google Classroom is used, you will not be able to import or view any students.

  4. Once you have successfully logged in, you will be able to select which course you would like to import your students from and finalize the process.

Have a Question? Contact Support

We're here to help you. If you are still experiencing issues after trying the steps above, please feel free to submit a ticket with our support team and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.