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How does a course qualify for use in the Virginia Cyber Range?

At this time, the Virginia Cyber Range has a very clear edict and mission set forth by the state of Virginia in the teaching of approved cybersecurity topics:

"The Virginia Cyber Range is a Commonwealth of Virginia initiative with a mission to enhance cybersecurity education for students in the Commonwealth’s public high schools, colleges, and universities. The Virginia Cyber Range provides an extensive Courseware Repository for educators and a cloud-hosted Exercise Area environment for hands-on cybersecurity labs and exercises for students."

Given this, and in alignment with our mission, we must limit use of our online exercise area to courses that are teaching relevant security related course material. Examples are listed below...

Approved Classes

  • Classes clearly identified as being a deeper understanding of cybersecurity knowledge specifically defined by the NSA and NICE/NIST.
  • Networking class - if its stated goal is to teach the basics of networking to properly secure a Windows or Linux server.
  • Operating system class - if it is teaching the basics of OS theory, with the stated goal being to enable students to secure or lock down OS related services or weaknesses.
  • Computer science coding class - if goal is teaching "OWASP Secure Coding Practices"
  • Classes that are considered cybersecurity prerequisites for a degree program, such as Linux operating system or networking courses.

Classes NOT Approved

  • General technology classes on operating systems, networking, or industry certifications (MCSE, CCNA, A+, CS/Coding, or general Network+)

If your course does not explicitly teach cybersecurity or match this defined scope, nor even mention it as a course destination, then such courses may not be approved for using the Cyber Range.

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