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Screen Reader Accessibility


Currently, screen reader accessibility is only available for select environments, and we are working to make more Environments accessible to everyone. If you wish to learn more, please visit our Acessibility Statement.

Accessing Your Screen Reader

The Cyber Range has began implementing screen reader accessibility to our Virtual Machines. Although keyboard shortcuts and commands may differ between virtual machines and operating systems, screen reader availibility information can always be found on your desired Exercise page under Details, as shown below.

Information relating to accessiblity can be found at the bottom of the Details section.

For this example, we will be taking a look at the Debian environment. In the Debian environment, the screen reader built-in to the Virtual Machine is Orca. The screen reader can be activated and deactivated within the Virtual Machine by using the keyboard shortcut, CTRL+SHIFT+|, but keyboard shortcuts may vary depending on which Exercise Environment you are attempting to utilize.

Screen Reader Preferences

Inside a virtual machine, an additional shortcut may be utilized: CTRL-SHIFT-]. This shortcut allows the user to access the screen reader's preferences and settings, where the user can customize their screen reader to their individual needs.