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Cloud CTF Overview


This KB article provides a general introduction and overview of the Virginia Cyber Range capture the flag platform, known as Cloud CTF. For more information about getting started in Cloud CTF, please see the article titled Getting Started in Cloud CTF.

Please click the start button to select a team and begin the competition.

What is Cloud CTF?

Cloud CTF is a fully featured Virginia Cyber Range capture the flag platform that can be deployed in a matter of seconds with a click of a button. It was designed for simplicity and runs in a safe and secure environment in the cloud. It can be provisioned from the Exercise Area of the Virginia Cyber Range for CTF competitions, labs, student practice, and more.

Cloud CTF Features

Cloud CTF Roles

Cloud CTF has two levels of user roles: Admins and Players.

  • CTF Admin (Instructors/TA’s) – Virginia Cyber Range Instructors and TA’s are referred to as Admins in Cloud CTF. Players should refer to their CTF Admin as the point-of-contact for questions regarding challenges, scoring, and team management.

  • CTF Player (Students/Guests) – Virginia Cyber Range Students and Guests are referred to as Players in Cloud CTF and solve challenges from a variety of categories selected by CTF Admins that enhance the cybersecurity education experience. Players will be able to view and solve challenges, view team statistics, and view the progress and placement of all teams participating in the CTF. If you are a student or guest, please see the article titled Getting Started in Cloud CTF for CTF Players.


Challenges may come from an extensive Cloud CTF challenge library or may be custom created by your admin. For help solving challenges, please reach out to your CTF admin, as the Virginia Cyber Range does not assist players in solving challenges.

Players can get started by learning How To Solve A Challenge in Cloud CTF.

Team Management

In Cloud CTF, all players are on a team even if they are playing by themselves. Permissions of players on teams are controlled by the CTF settings set by the Admin and your role within the team. For detailed instructions related to Team Management, please see the article titled Team Management for CTF Players and Team Leaders.

Public and Private CTF Competitions

Cloud CTF allows for both public and private CTF competitions. Public CTF competitions enable users from outside the Virginia Cyber Range to participate in a CTF, and can be created by enabling public registration in the Admin settings of a Cloud CTF environment. Private CTF competitions are the default in Cloud CTF and are available only to users enrolled in a Virginia Cyber Range course.

Players can learn more about joining a public or private CTF competition by viewing the article titled Getting Started in Cloud CTF for CTF Players.

Cloud CTF Pages

There are three main pages for players to use during a Cloud CTF. Players can learn more about the individual pages through the following KB articles:

  1. Challenges Page
  2. Team Page
  3. Scoreboard Page

Have a Question? Contact Support

If you experience any issues starting or viewing Cloud CTF in your web browser, please see the article titled Can't Launch Cloud CTF for helpful tips on resolving the matter.

If you still have questions after reviewing the information above, please reach out to your CTF Admin or Instructor who can submit a ticket to our Support Team on your behalf.