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How often is the Courseware Repository reviewed and updated?

Course content can quickly become outdated due to constantly evolving technologies, environments, concepts, and authoring tools. As such, we at the Virginia Cyber Range, strive to not only maintain the quality and accuracy of our course contents through triennial audits, semiannual Customer Surveys, and automated alerts. Furthermore, we continuously strive to improve upon our courseware by reaching out for content authorship related to emerging technologies.

You can view the last date our lessons were updated by navigating to the module of the lesson and scrolling to the bottom. Here, you will be able to see the "Last Update Information." We list the dates for the most recent update for the courseware and environment listed in the courseware. Alternatively, if you only wish to see New/Updated courseware content, you can specify that while searching or by using the following link.


When adding your desired exercise environment, we recommend selecting the most recent version of the environment to provide the best possible learning experience. While we make every effort to keep our courseware as current as possible, some courseware may instruct users to use an older version. The version of the environment can usually be found in its title (e.g., Cyber Basics (2022.11)).

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