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Adding and Removing Challenges - Admin

This KB article will step you through the process of adding and removing challenges in your CloudCTF environment. If you have not yet created a CloudCTF environment, please see the article titled Creating a CloudCTF Environment for more information.

Preloaded Challenges

Upon first starting CloudCTF, you will notice that a set of pre-made challenges have been imported into the environment. These challenges are highlighted in red in the image below and cover various CTF categories. You can choose to start the CTF with the default challenges, or you can begin modifying, adding, and removing challenges in the environment to fit your needs.

On the CloudCTF starting page, pre-made challenges are shown in light blue boxes, just below the CTF categories.

CTFs are generally sturctured into multiple challenge categories. In the image below, each highlighted item represents a different category of CTF challenges. By clicking on a category, you can view all challenges that have been assigned to that specific category. To learn more about managing custom challenges and categories, please see the article titled CloudCTF Challenge Management.

The CTF categories can be found just under the Challenges header, in the middle of the screen.

Adding Challenges From the Challenge Library

The following steps will teach you how to add a challenge to a CTF using the Challenge Library. In the example below, we will be adding the challenge titled 11,185,272.

  1. Click on the Add a Challenge button.

  2. Select Add a challenge from library.

    The Add a Challenge icon will be on the top right, and clicking on it will show a dropdown menu with two choices, "Add a challenge from library" and "Add a challenge from scratch". Clicking the first option will show a list of challenges to choose from the library. Opening the challenge library window

  3. Choose a challenge from the left-hand side of the new window and click Next.

  4. The challenge will appear in edit mode and you may change any of the challenge properties, such as name, description, point value, and category. Once finished, click Confirm.

    Clicking one of the challenges from library will lead to a description window of the challenge. Clicking on the confirm icon on the bottom right of the description window will successfully add the challenge. Selecting a challenge from the library and adding it to the CTF

Once you have successfully added a challenge, you will be able to view it by navigating to the category the challenge was assigned to in the details window.


If the challenge category is empty when added to the CTF, it will be found under the Unassigned category.

Removing Challenges

The following steps will teach you how to remove a challenge from a CTF. In the example below, we will be removing the challenge titled More Passwords!.

  1. Click on the challenge you would like to remove.

  2. Click on the Edit icon located in the bottom-left corner of the challenge window.

  3. Click Delete in the bottom-left corner of the challenge details window.

  4. Check the box that says I understand this action is unrecoverable.

  5. Click Confirm.

Clicking on the challenge you want to remove will load a window a description window. In the bottom left of this window, the edit icon will show. Clicking the edit icon will load another description window, in which on the bottom left, a Delete icon will show. Clicking on this icon will bring up another confirmation window, in the middle of the screen.

Once a challenge has been deleted, it will be removed from the challenge dashboard.


If you delete a custom challenge that has not yet been added to the challenge library, you will not be able to recover the challenge. To learn about adding and saving your challenges to the challenge library, please see Saving Custom Challenges to the Challenge Library.

More on Challenge Management

If you are interested in learning more about managing challenges in CloudCTF, please see the article titled CloudCTF Challenge Management for more details. Our Challenge Management article covers topics such as creating and saving custom challenges, adding challenge hints and flags, and other advanced challenge management features.

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