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Broken DNS in Snapshot of Kali Linux


There is a known bug in the Kali Linux (2020.09) that impacts DNS resolution after taking a snapshot (also known as “Copy”) of the environment and provisioning a new environment based on the snapshot. This impacts any environments that are denoted with version (2020.09), but has been fixed in environments using newer versions.


After taking a snapshot of Kali Linux (2020.09) and reprovisioning your snapshot, resolving custom DNS queries will not work as intended. For example, in the Kali Linux and Vulnerable Windows environment, you will not be able to resolve when trying to reach the target Windows VM. An example of this is shown below: Running "ping" in a terminal results in a message stating "Name or service not known"



At this time, this solution for the Kali Snapshot DNS bug is not working. This is a known issue and we are currently investigating an alternative solution. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please run the following commands in the Kali Linux environment:

curl -sL | sudo bash
sudo reboot

After a few moments, you can click on "Reconnect" to rejoin the virtual machine. If possible, we recommend running this command in your original environment and taking a new snapshot after running it. This will ensure that all new VM’s that are provisioned from your new snapshot will have the fix put in place. If your students have work saved within the VM that needs to be preserved, this script can also be run in-place to fix each individual Kali Linux environment.

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