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Adding Exercise Environments

Video Overview

Please see our Adding Exercise Environments video below if you would prefer a video demonstration.

Adding an Environment to Your Course

  1. To add an Exercise Environment, you should first navigate to your course in the Cyber Range. When you create your first course, your Exercise Area will be empty, as shown below.

    The Exercise Area below the Course description will display the message, This course has no exercise environments, when creating a new course.

  2. Once you have landed on your course page, select the "Add Exercise Environment" to add an environment to your course.

    The "Add exercise environment" button is located at the top right of the course page.

  3. You will be shown a drop-down list of pre-built exercise environments. Choose one that is appropriate for your class.

  4. Once you've selected your environment of choice, you will then be allowed to edit the title, description, and start and end times for the environment. Certain environments also have additional Courseware and resources that go along with the Virtual Machine. Additional resources can be found under the "Resources" section and will provide more information about the exercise and the courseware that goes with it. The link will take you to the corresponding page in the Courseware Repository.

  5. Once you have confirmed all details for your Environment, go ahead and create the environment by selecting "Confirm".

    The "Confirm" button is located in the bottom right of your Environment Details page.

  6. Once your new exercise has been created, it can be found in the Exercise Area of your course.

    The new environment will appear in the Exercise Area of the course, located below the Course Details.

Exercise Environment End Dates

Setting an end date for your exercise environments can allow you to evaluate and grade your students' work. While we encourage setting appropriate start/end dates to conserve Cyber Range resources, setting end dates appropriately can also allow you review the work students have made in environments and grade them accordingly. Once the environment's end date has been met, students will not be able to establish any new connections to the environment and no additional changes can be made. However, instructors can still enter and access their students' environments to evaluate their work.


Keep in mind that live connections to VMs will not be terminated when the end date is met (e.g. if a student is still actively working in their environment). If you wish to set a deadline at a specific time, the VMs will need to be stopped manually by the instructor.

Have a Question? Contact Support

We're here to help you. If you still have questions after reviewing the information above, please feel free to submit a ticket with our support team and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.