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How to Restart and Reset a Virtual Machine

What's the difference between Restarting and Resetting a Virtual Machine?

While the terms restarting and resetting may sound similar to one another, they have completely different meanings in the Virginia Cyber Range.

  • Restarting or "powering off/on" a virtual machine shuts down all running processes, which is similar to restarting most other computer devices, such as your laptop or mobile phone. When the machine reboots after being restarted or shut down, all of your previously saved documents and work are still accessible to you. When applications freeze or your VM becomes too slow, restarting your VM may be a helpful solution.

  • Resetting a virtual machine is completely different than restarting a virtual machine. When a virtual machine is reset in the Virginia Cyber Range, it means that the VM is rebuilt from scratch. This means all data stored on the VM is lost. Resetting is great for when VMs have become damaged beyond repair. When student VMs no longer boot due to accidental network configuration changes or file deletion, instructors can simply reset VMs to restore them to working order.

How to Restart a Virtual Machine

The easiest way to restart a virtual machine in the Cyber Range exercise area is by using the VM control buttons to completely power off/on the virtual machine.

  1. First, click the Stop button located to the right of the play button, as shown in the image below.

    Highlights the stop button that powers off a virtual machine

  2. Next, wait a few moments while your VM is completely powered off.

    Shows the stop message during the shutdown process

  3. Once your virtual machine has been completely powered off, you can then click on the Start button, as shown in the image below.

    Highlights the start button that will power on the virtual machine

  4. Once you have clicked on the Start button, your VM will power back on and you will have successfully restarted your virtual machine.

How to Reset a Virtual Machine


Please keep in mind that resetting a virtual machine cannot be undone. Once you reset a virtual machine, all data on the virtual machine will be lost. Please proceed with caution.

To reset a virtual machine as an instructor, you must first ensure that it has been completely powered off. If the VM is still powered on, the Reset button will not be visible.

  1. Once the VM has been completely powered off, the Reset button will become visible. Please click on the Reset button, as shown in the image below.

    Highlights the reset button that needs to be clicked on in order to reset a virtual machine

  2. You will receive a popup message asking you to confirm the VM reset. If you are certain that you would like to proceed with resetting the VM, please click Confirm.

    Highlights the confirm button that needs to be clicked on in order to reset the virtual machine

  3. Once you have successfully confirmed the virtual machine reset, you will need to wait a few minutes while the VM is rebuilt.

  4. After a few minutes, you can then power on the virtual machine and access your new exercise environment.

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