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Caps Lock Bug

One potential bug while using our environments is that while using caps lock, the lock will get stuck on or off. XRDP does not support syncing the state of the various locks, including Caps Lock. While Guacamole can reset the lock state for a Windows desktop, lacking this support within XRDP, Linux desktops will likely have the Caps Lock state of the previous connection.

It is a known XRDP bug which beyond our control and we don't believe there will be a real fix any time soon.

A work around is to:

  1. Hit CTRL-ALT-SHIFT to pop up the range settings menu
  2. Hit CAPS LOCK to turn off CAPS in the VM environment
  3. Hit CTRL-ALT-SHIFT again to exit the range settings menu

Users can also stop and re-start the instance using the portal UI.