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How to Join a Course


This article details the process for students to join a course on the Cyber Range. If you are an instructor looking to invite students, please see the article titled Inviting Users to Your Course

Options for Joining a Course

There are two ways instructors invite students into a course on the Cyber Range Exercise Area:

  1. Invitation Link: They send an email invitation link (email + web link) the student clicks on to get into the course in the Range. Links are unique and single use. For more information, please see the section titled Joining a Course via an Invitation Link and the tutorial video titled Accepting A Cyber Range Invitation.

  2. Invitation Code: They give students a 12 alpha-numeric course invitation code (such as "CBQYX4L3JOR3"), which you utilize to self-register in a course. For more information, please see the section titled Joining a Course via an Invitation Code.

Both methods will associate the course with your Virginia Cyber Range account, so you should always use the same OpenID provider and login credentials when accepting an invitation or using an invitation code.

  1. Follow the link provided in the email from If you think you should have received this but have not, please check your spam folder to see if it was improperly filtered.

    This image shows an example of an email that contains the aforementioned Invitation Link.

  2. Select the OpenID provider of your choice from the list provided and enter your credentials for that provider. For subsequent access to your Cyber Range resources you will browse to Console.

    The options for OpenID are as follows: Google, Azure AD

Joining a Course via an Invitation Code

  1. Go to the Virginia Cyber Range homepage and click the “Signup" button as seen below.

    The "Signup" button is located between the Resources page and the Login button within the navigation section of the homepage.

  2. Select the "Join as a Student" button, which will then prompt you to enter your instructor-provided invitation code.

    The code should be entered into the "Student Sign Up" section of the page.

  3. Chose an Open ID provider to register for your account and log in.

    OpenID provider options: Google and Azure AD

  4. Your course should now be listed under your exercise environments

Once you are registered in your course and have your assignment instructions from your instructor, please see the article titled Student Quick Start Guide to learn how to use the environment.

Have a Question? Contact Support

Students: Please reach out to your Instructor or Admin who can submit a ticket to our Support team on your behalf.

If you are an Instructor or Admin and still have questions after reviewing the information above, please feel free to submit a ticket with our support team and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.