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Can't Login to a Public CTF

Are Public Registrations Enabled?

  • Instructors: You will need to make sure that you have enabled public registrations before your students will be able to login to a Public CTF event. Please see our guide on Setting up a Public CTF for further information.

Are you signing up using the unique public CTF URL?

  • Students: Make sure to use the URL provided by your instructor to register for the Public CTF event. Checkout our guide on How to Join a Public CTF for instructions on this process.

Browser Troubleshooting

  • Instructors and Students: Browsers are often the cause of issues when logging in. We recommend that you try the steps listed in our CTF Troubleshooting Guide.

Still having trouble? Contact Support!

  • Students: Please reach out to your CTF admin who can submit a ticket to our Support team on your behalf.
  • Instructors: You can either email us at or you can review our guide on Submitting a Ticket via Console.